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Stair construction is more than just a craft - it is an art that human nature tries to unravel with its ability to climb and feel. Whoever regards the production of stairs solely as the production of climbing aids does not do justice to the task. There is more to it than understanding the technical side alone - the more important part is to remain curious and to always want to know and understand more.

With a unique passion markiewicz produces artistic wooden staircases for eternity. We don't just create staircases, but real pieces of art that last for generations.

A diversity of new ideas in staircase Construction

In recent years, the trend has increasingly developed towards individually customized staircases. Various architecture magazines and trade journals have rediscovered the staircase as a design object. On the one hand one is enthusiastic about the variety of ideas of historical ascents, on the other hand the possibilities of new construction methods are discovered. But all creations have one thing in common - they are subject to the tension created by the interaction of man and staircase, foot and step as well as hand and handrail.

At markiewicz, we always strive to create an artistic unity that is appropriate to the building project and its inhabitants. We do not restrict ourselves to a stylistic scheme and create without compulsion and limitations. Our staircase creations are tailor-made, and are realized with meticulous attention to detail to the utmost quality standards. Thus, in unique craftsmanship, unmistakable staircases are created as distinctive masterpieces.

From inspiration to idea. From planning to completion

Stair construction in its perfection is in fact art. Even in earlier historical examples of staircases, one can see the strong desire to create more than just functional staircases, but richer, more complex staircase solutions capable of expressing significantly more. It is a virtue of the art to question opinions and break down potential barriers - nothing is sacred to the mind or hands of an artist. Technical aspects are very often being overshadowed by visual aspects or creative aspirations.

Today, architecture is also open to new techniques, new inspirations and new construction methods that cannot be put into drawers. markiewicz creates projects in which the staircase forms an essential part of the overall spatial concept. The staircases can also be integrated into the existing spatial design as sculptures.

There are staircases designed to support artistic applications, and there are artistic decorations applied to staircases. There is a abundance of ideas, interpretations and skills in a markiewicz sculpted staircases. The admiration for the technique, the construction and the inventiveness is virtually limitless. Through the use of the sculpture, it becomes artistic architecture.

markiewicz represents passion, the joy of craftsmanship and sophisticated design. The benchmark for artistic architecture is time - not contemporary taste. Our staircases are dedicated to artistic beauty. We create pieces of art with timeless elegance that you can enjoy for a long time. For a detailed consultation we are gladly at your disposal - just contact us.

Stairs from markiewicz - made with heart. Finished by hand.

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