Experience exclusivity & luxury - staircases by markiewicz

Modern luxury lies in the detail - it has its origin in craftsmanship's excellence and tradition and is the sum of elegance, functionality and aesthetic perfection. Modern luxury means change - it explores technical boundaries, meets new challenges through innovation and regards sustainability as an opportunity. Although its origins lie in tradition, it remains part of a technological world.

With the exclusive staircase creations from markiewicz you will experience unique luxury in staircase construction, which does not present itself but is unmistakably present. With us the expectations of your staircase are not only fulfilled, but exceeded. The luxury staircase from markiewicz embodies technical excellence, exclusivity and luxury like no other - just convince yourself!

Exquisite custom-made products

The luxurious staircases from markiewicz are exclusive custom-made products which are affectionately manufactured with traditional craftsmanship and supported by the latest technologies. It is important to us to be able to offer a variety of different design options so that the perfect staircase, according to the customer's wishes and ideas is delivered. As the customer has a greater say in the design, his relationship to his exclusive staircase interior becomes more personal. Our staircase collections embody the finest materials and the highest quality surfaces - as true luxury lies in the details of the execution.

In particular, the royal arched staircases with hand-carved or hand-forged stair railings, made of the finest woods and decorated with brass or bronze applications, are among the most exclusive luxury handcrafted staircases from markiewicz.

Noble handmade staircases from markiewicz

In contrast to our fast-paced world, solely sustainable and top-quality objects are of real value in today’s exclusive staircase construction - handmade and stylish staircases are therefore in higher demand than ever. With an unique passion markiewicz produces wooden staircases for eternity.

Markiewicz represents passion, pleasure in craftsmanship and timeless design in stair construction. Our handcrafted staircases inspire through their exclusivity and perfection and often awaken memories of a perfect, past world. Our stair constructions inspire with wood in its purest form combined with the finest materials and surface finishes.

The true, the beautiful, the sustainabl

"The true, the beautiful, the good"- Goethe mentioned these three words in a single breath. The aim was to strive for the true, the beautiful and the good at the same time in order to achieve higher quality. In our world, which is trimmed to efficiency, boundless, digitalized, we have long since defined fast and cheap. People no longer want to argue about beauty and no longer hope for the true.

But there are still architects, designers and producers who are passionately opposed to the fast pace of today's world. They develop new qualities, which they increasingly realize with rediscovered craftsmanship. It's a pleasure to see this - this new philosophy of the interaction of sustainable materials and ancient craftsmanship shows that the idea of the classical world view has not lost its appeal to this day.

Karol Markiewicz also points out that we are on our way to a desirable balance. He took a closer look at our longing for essential values and genuine products. Because they are symbols of consistency, in which design, craftsmanship, art and culture merge into fantastic perspectives. Markiewicz also shows how craftsmanship has developed in stylish staircase construction, what effects can be seen and what additional value traditional craftsmanship has for our designers, architects, fitters and, ultimately, for the clients.

Freedom begins where borders disappear

For markiewicz, customer wishes are the daily challenge. Our own manufactory is a guarantee that we can respond individually to special customer wishes and implement them creatively. From consultation, planning and production to assembly, we provide you with comprehensive service. We understand custom-made products as unicums which set unmistakable accents.

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