Wooden floorboards from hornbeam - markiewicz manufactures exclusive wooden floorboards according to the customer's specifications

Hornbeam is a particularly hard and fine-pored European parquet wood, characterised by a clean yet elegant texture. Due to their advantageous properties and the wide colour spectrum from grey-white to yellowish-white, hornbeam floorboards are commonly used in interiors to create a pleasant atmosphere.

We at markiewicz manufacture exclusive wooden floorboards that are individually tailored to the requirements and tastes of our customers. You can select between different lengths and widths as well as different surface treatments and adapt the wood flooring to your interior concept.

We will gladly be at your disposal for a detailed consultation and provide you with information regarding your possibilities.

Properties of hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)

Carpinus betulus is a deciduous deciduous tree with a height of up to 25 metres. The trees live to be about 150 years old and often have crooked stems. They are among the most important coppice woods and grow in Central Europe at altitudes of up to 1,000 metres.

Hornbeam is a very versatile wood and is used for a variety of purposes. There is no difference between the sapwood and the core of the wood - they are both of light or grey-white colour. When exposed to light, the wood darkens slightly. This is a very robust and durable wood. Since it can be subjected to high mechanical stress, hornbeam / hornbeam floorboards are particularly suitable as floor coverings.

The wood is matt glossy, the annual rings are wavy and are rather indistinct. Slightly darker stripes on the cut surface represent the medullary ray bundles. Despite the hardness, the wood can be processed properly with every tool. The uniformly smooth surface is easy to polish and stain.

High - quality wood planks from hornbeam

Markiewicz offers plank, ship and castle floorboards in lengths of up to 4 metres (falling lengths from one to three metres) for your hornbeam wooden floor. We additionally offer fixed widths of 18, 20.24 or 26 centimetres as well as mixed widths of 18 to 26 centimetres.

Our hornbeam planks are laminated and have a plywood / birch plywood support (Multiplex). Choose from either 2-layer planks with birch plywood beams and a three to six millimetre hornbeam lamina or 3-layer planks with five to six millimetre birch plywood beams, a five to six millimetre hornbeam lamina and a five to six millimetre hornbeam backing.

The surface design of these wooden floorboards can also be individually selected. Whether polished (homogeneous and smooth surfaces) or lightly brushed - it is guaranteed that there is a design to suit every requirement and taste. For the final treatment, oils, waxes or lacquers in different degrees of gloss from deep matt to high gloss polished are available. Additionally, further finishing techniques of the top layer are selectable and can be individually realised according to your requirements, e.g. dyeing with patina, pigmented oils or coloured stains.

The quality of the surface of our hornbeam wooden floorboards may be individually determined and sampled:

- SELECT: calm wood structure, arbitrary grain pattern, subtle natural discolorations, with small knots and narrow cracks, mended by hand.

- NATURE: distinct wood structure, lively wood grain, natural stains, with knots, shrinkage and wind cracks, mended by hand.

- RUSTIC: lively wood structure with wood split pin and hard core, with striking knots and shrinkage cracks, mended by hand.

Exquisite craftsmanship by markiewicz

With a wooden hornbeam floor by markiewicz, you are opting for a noble and robust floor that provides your rooms with a welcoming and warm ambience. Due to their multi-layered structure, our hornbeam floorboards are also suitable for the installation onto underfloor heating systems. Their surface, structure and colour are as individual as the natural product itself.

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