Wooden planks from Kosipo, Sapelli & Mahogany - noble wood species for noble plank floors

The wood species Kosipo, Sapelli and Mahogany belong to the mahogany family (Meliaceae) and are particularly precious types of wood that are also used for premium wooden floorboards. Regardless which of the three types of wood you choose - your wooden floorboard radiates warmth and cosiness in every case and fits perfectly into the overall picture of your premises.

If you are interested in a custom-made plank floor that perfectly meets your demands and desires, the markiewicz team is at your disposal. With the highest precision and passion as well as a keen attention to detail, we manufacture your individual wooden flooring with Sapelli, Mahogany or Kosipo planks. Just contact us - we are gladly at your disposal to answer all your questions and help you in a competent and friendly manner.

Wooden planks in accordance with your specifications

You can improve room acoustics while simultaneously creating a pleasant climate of wellbeing with wooden floorboards made of mahogany, Kosipo or Sapelli. Our wooden floorboards can be selected in a length of up to 4 metres, a fixed width of for example 20, 24, 26, 28 or 30 centimetres as well as mixed widths between 18 and 30 centimetres. The thickness of our wooden planks range from 15, 20 or 22 millimetres.

The Kosipo, Sapelli or Mahogany wood planks are laminated with a plywood girder, also known as multiplex. There is a choice of 2-plywood planks with birch plywood beams and a top layer of three to six millimetres of Kosipo, Sapelli or mahogany or 3-plywood planks with birch plywood beams (10 mm) and a top layer of five to six millimetres of Kosipo, Sapelli or mahogany. The counter-draught is also made of five to six millimetre thick wooden lamellas.

The multi-layer construction also allows installation on top of underfloor heating or heating screed. The surface, structure and colour of the wooden planks is as individual as the natural product itself.

We offer various polished (homogeneous and even), brushed or hand-planed surfaces for the Sapelli, Mahogany or Kosipo wooden planks. The possibilities of the final treatment with oils, waxes or lacquers range from deep matt to high gloss polished in various degrees of gloss. In addition, the wood quality of the top layer of markiewicz country house and castle floorboards can be individually determined and patterned:

- SELECT: calm wood structure, arbitrary grain pattern, subtle natural discolorations, with small knots and narrow cracks, manually repaired.

- NATURE: clear wood structure, lively wood grain, natural discolorations, with knots, shrinkage and wind cracks, manually repaired.

- RUSTIC: lively wood structure with wood split pin and hard core, with striking knots and shrinkage cracks, manually repaired.

Wooden planks from Kosipo

Kosipo is a decorative tropical wood from Africa, which is often used because of its good constructional properties. It is a darkly coloured and well pored wood which is often very lively with a lustrous striped structure. The sapwood is grey to pale brown and clearly distinguishable from the heartwood. The heartwood is dark reddish brown to violet brown darkening.

Wooden floorboards from Kosipo are available in different lengths, widths and thicknesses and with different surface finishes, depending on your requirements and needs. We manufacture your Kosipo wooden flooring individually to measure and adapt it to your specifications.

Wooden floorboards from Sapelli

Sapelli also is an African wood that has similar characteristics to mahogany. It is a medium-hard to hard wood with excellent strength, has a special, eye-catching texture and is therefore often used for decorative purposes.

Sapelli is a coloured wood that is lightly pored on the surface and will give your living space a very special character. The wood structure is even and knot-free - furthermore, our Sapelli wood planks are particularly easy to care for.

Mahogany wooden planks

American mahogany is widely used throughout Central America and tropical South America and is considered to be a particularly noble and elegant tropical wood. It is durable, very weather-resistant and is often used for wooden floorboards. Mahogany wood is available in different colour gradations from reddish brown to light brown, the grain can be veined, flamed, spotted or striped depending on the area of origin.

Characteristic features of mahogany wood are its excellent processing properties and low shrinkage. Mahogany planks warp very little and evenly and have a decorative appearance.

Perfect craftsmanship - made to measure

We manufacture your custom-made wooden floorboards and, naturally take your individual preferences and wishes into account. No matter whether you prefer mahogany, sapelli or kosipo planks - we will gladly be at your disposal to advise you in detail about your various possibilities and to answer any further questions at any time.

Once all the details concerning wood qualification, structure, surface, colouring and final treatment have been determined, we start with the detailed work and assembly planning and naturally also take care of delivery, professional installation and project support.

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