Oak / smoked oak floorboards - A floor of oak adds a special character to your room.

Wooden planks made of oak are among the oldest types of wooden flooring used in residential buildings and give each room its own distinctive character. Whether oak or smoked oak floorboards - oak floors are gaining increasing popularity in interior design. The unique surface structure captivates the eye through a fine grid of colour nuances that make every plank floor truly special.

An oak floorboard from markiewicz radiates warmth and coziness, thus shaping the room. We will gladly consult you in detail about your individual wooden flooring and manufacture it according to your individual specifications. We offer oak planks in various lengths and widths.

Whether uniform planks, ship's flooring (falling lengths from one to three metres) or excessive chateau planks - the oak planks, up to 12 metres long, can be individually adapted to your object and the available room width and are available in fixed widths of 20, 24, 26, 28 and 30 centimetres, as well as in mixed widths of 18 to 35 centimetres. You can choose between 15, 20 or 22 millimetres in thickness. Our oak planks are manufactured as layer-glued wooden planks with a plank support made of birch plywood, also known as multiplex. We offer for example 2-layer planks with birch plywood beams and a top layer of three to six millimetres oak lamella or 3-layer planks with birch plywood beams (10 mm) and a top layer of five to six millimetres oak lamella. The counter-draught is also made of five to six millimetre oak lamella.

Furthermore, you can choose between a variety of surfaces for the oak planks, such as polished (homogeneous and smooth surfaces), brushed or hand-planed. The finishing can be carried out with oils, waxes or lacquers in various degrees of gloss, from deep matt to high-gloss polished. There is also a choice of other finishing techniques for the top layer, such as dyeing with patina, pigmented oils, coloured stains and smoking or core smoking of the oak wood, which can be implemented individually and specific to the project.

The quality and wood qualification of the top layer of our country house and castle floorboards can also be individually selected and patterned:

SELECT: Calm wood structure, arbitrary grain pattern, unobtrusive natural discolorations, with small knots and narrow cracks, corrected by hand.

NATURE: Distinct wood structure, lively wood grain, natural discolorations, with knots, shrinkage and wind cracks, corrected by hand.

RUSTIC: Lively wood structure with wood split pin and hard core, with striking knots and shrinkage cracks, corrected by hand.

Oak wood planks provide a pleasant ambience in the room.

Wooden floorboards made of oak and smoked oak with their natural grain and small imperfections in the wood create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, wooden floors improve the acoustics of the room and ensure a balanced ambience.

Our wooden floorboards feature a unique multi-layer structure that guarantees a particularly high surface quality and dimensional stability. The U-value of our wooden planks is approx. 2.8 W/(m²K) - which renders them ideal for the installation of underfloor heating.

Oak wood flooring is an environmentally sustainable product and the perfect foundation of a tasteful ambience. A wooden floor made by markiewicz adapts to different furnishing styles and gives the room a certain generosity.

Wooden floorboards made of oak - noble & robust

Oak is marketed as roundwood, lumber and veneer. Due to its high strength and its decorative appearance, oak is very versatile and offers numerous positive properties. For example having an even grain and being considered to be very robust and durable. Oak wood is also very weather-resistant, being firm and non-warping. That's why oak or smoked oak floorboards are excellent as long-lasting floor coverings. Due to its positive properties, oak wood is also often used in house, furniture or staircase construction.

Oak planks have character and are in great demand because of their grain, colour and hardness. It is a decorative, ring-porous hardwood with a greyish-yellow to light-brown colour, which darkens while in use and embodies a relaxed, modern and timeless style.

Smoked oak as an alternative to tropical wood

Smoked oak is the name given to oak wood which acquires its characteristic darker colour through smoking. The treatment with ammonia makes the wood smoother and less brittle, as well as more weather-resistant and more durable. Due to a high tannic acid content, the smoked oak can be particularly well changed in colour and is also ideally suited as a floor covering, as it is extremely resistant to wear and tear. This makes for an elegant appearance, making it a wonderful alternative to tropical wood. A surface treatment with conventional lacquers or natural oils and waxes completely seals the pores, making smoked oak suitable for all areas of application.

By using the purest ammonia, our native oak transforms from a light honey tone into dark wood, which is only known from exotic precious woods. When it comes to smoked oak, we deliberately speak of native wood with an exotic look.

Exclusive quality by markiewicz

A floor with wooden planks made of oak is particularly sophisticated, noble and durable. With a Markiewicz wooden floor you are creating a luxurious home by selecting the highest quality and exclusive design.

Create a living ambience that will make you feel completely at home. Whether traditional or modern - our oak floorboards adapt to every living style and fit perfectly into the overall picture. Solid wood planks create a natural atmosphere of comfort in your rooms and create a tasteful and welcoming ambience.

For us, the complex realization of a project begins with a professional and competent consultation. We are happy to assist you in the selection and definition of the technical requirements and preferences regarding the lengths, widths and thicknesses as well as the quality of wood for the oak planks, from rustic to fine. We take care of the detailed work and installation planning as well as delivery and installation.

If you too would like to upgrade your rooms with an elegant oak wooden floor, we will gladly be at your disposal for a detailed consultation and provide you with comprehensive information about wooden floorboards made of oak and smoked oak or any other type of wood.

Contact us by telephone on +49 30 33 77 05 14 or via e-mail: info@markiewicz-holztreppen.de - we will gladly provide answers to all your questions and help you in a competent and friendly manner.

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