Wooden staircases in Bauhaus style - breathtaking stair constructions from Markiewicz

Bauhaus represents a rational as well as funktional design in all art, architecture and design. While the `cool’ aesthetic with its connotation of being modern, is as appealing as ever today, the style sparked outrage in the 1920s, when the first Bauhaus buildings, staircases and items emerged.

Our Bauhaus staircases redefine the standard, with its contemporary, sober and functional approach, they are the breathtaking result of the fusion of arts and craft combined with the application of selected materials and outstanding finishes.

Pioneers shape the future

One of the most significant Bauhaus pioneers in both art and architecture was Walter Gropius, who made a name for himself through his modern and venturous constructions. His scripts, such as the manifest of 1919, bearing the renowned quote: ‚the ultimate maxim of all sculptural activity in the construction!‘, is as pioneering as his buildings. All architecture, sculpting and painting should return to the craft in order to collectively shape the construction of the future.

The bold, simplistic structures embody a creative revolution, in which ‚form‘ is directly subordinated to functionality - ‚form follows function‘. Imagining the common household without at least some of the multiple products developed in the Bauhaus era, in either their original or a further developed form, is next to impossible. Some of the many examples are the ‚cantilever chair‘ or the ‚Wagenfeld lamp‘.

Experience some of the most stunning architecture

One of the most impressive examples of Bauhaus architecture is the Unesco world heritage site in Dessau, designed by Walter Gropius in 1926. Furthermore there are numerous social housing projects, admired by many, with a design that follows the concept of Bauhaus, such as the ‚Weissenhof Estate‘ in Stuttgart or the ‚Dammerstock‘ in Karlsruhe.

Inspired by the underlying idea of Bauhaus, we project, construct, and craft your Bauhaus staircases as folded plate staircases or cantilevered stairs - contemporary, sober and functional.

Bauhaus staircases - intentionally reduced with a modern interpretation

We do not see architecture as the constructions of an individual, but instead see it as the expression of an entire culture. ‚The criterion for good architecture is not contemporary taste, but time‘. Intentionally reduced design and lifestyle elements are characteristic for Bauhaus staircases. Staircases by Markiewicz delight with pure aesthetics, modern interpretations as well as pure elegance. The minimalistic design result in a maximum in transparency.

Bauhaus connotes a passion for minimalism - We couldn't agree more, because we see the elegance in the elementariness through the reduction. We at Markiewicz represent the passion, crafting pleasure as well as a timeless design of out staircases.

We put detailed attention into the balance of tradition and modernity. We solely use exclusive materials such as wood, corona, for-ten, or blue steel, in order to craft unique objects to the absolute satisfaction of the wishes of our customers.

Exklusive Unicums - created for eternity

We craft extraordinary Unikums for our demanding clients. We will design and produce your wooden staircase completely customized to perfectly fit your needs and demands. With the assistance of the latest technology, we accomplish constructions unsurpassed in beauty, warmth and the pink of elegance.

A wooden staircase by Markiewicz is an exclusive singleton, setting sensational and distinctive accents. You can rely on a personalized, creative execution of a project designed with and around you; consultation, planning, production, and installation - a comprehensive service by Markiewicz.

Stunning beauty, pure elegance and utter perfection is our highest precept, come and experience our wooden staircases yourself - you will be taken by the pure aesthetic.

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