markiewicz - wooden staircases to be remembered

"Style and elegance does not mean to attract the attention, but to remain in the memory."

Whether Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Baroque, Organic, Country House or Wilhelminian style - according to our maxim, we create luxurious wooden staircases or style staircases for the exclusive taste. A wooden staircase from markiewicz is always an exclusive custom-made creation and unites traditional forms with select materials.

Wooden stairs were disregarded, neglected or underestimated for a long time, with the unfortunate consequence that in the past they were often removed and destroyed during renovation measures. At best, some parts of the staircase were taken to the local museum or an antique shop. Wooden staircases are important components of historical and epoch-specific buildings and are also a part of our cultural heritage, if not of human existence.

Wooden staircases or style staircases do not rank first in the art historical evaluation, however, have the advantage of being more closely connected to the human way of life, the will and ability of their clients and constructors as well as their users, than any other component of the building industry. Style staircases can be objects of artistic creation. They reflect the feeling of their time of origin more accurately than the decorative arts are able to. If, for example, the Renaissance was - as is claimed - an expression of a feeling for life, this new expression must differ from the previous one and must also be proven in the construction of style staircases.

Wooden stairs by markiewicz are either based on a specific architectural style or fit seamlessly into the surroundings of an existing house. By definition, the word staircase style refers to the art of building staircases that existed within a certain epoch.

We design style staircases or wooden staircases in order to have certain distinctive features of a certain epoch which are recognizable in every detail of the staircase. Thanks to a meticulous attention to detail and the utmost quality requirements, we are able to create magnificent works of staircase art - stylish staircases as testimonials of an era.

Wooden staircases with a passion for detail

A markiewicz wooden staircase fascinates through its artistic details and traditional craftsmanship. It embodies lively elegance, functionality and aesthetic perfection - it is therefore hardly surprising that our wooden staircases invariably are the essential attraction of every house.

We manufacture a wooden staircase from exotic wood species such as mahogany, walnut, smoked oak, amazakoue or macasser and process them with select materials such as wrought iron, brass, bronze or stainless steel as well as exclusive finishes.

In cooperation with our partner companies, designers and artists, we are constantly developing new and innovative design ideas, which make our wooden staircases truly outstanding. We manufacture your wooden staircase in accordance with the classical and traditional stair construction methods while keeping an eye on every detail.

Your wooden staircase made to measure.

Besides untreated stone, wood is the oldest material used in stair construction. It is therefore not surprising that most of the staircases in the world are made of wood. Here there are many design variations.

Whether arched stairs, round cheek stairs, circular spiral stairs as well as wooden stairs with mortised or saddled steps - we plan your wooden stairs individually in accordance with your wishes, so that you can be confident that your staircase will meet your expectations. Markiewicz wooden staircases always offer an unsurpassed beauty of form that will inspire you.

It is also possible to create noble combinations with glass or stainless steel for the handrails and railings of your wooden staircase. In order to achieve a coherent overall concept, a harmonious interplay of form and colour of your wooden staircase is of great importance. In addition to statics, safety and functionality, we also pay great attention to the right selection of wood, which is the most suitable for you. Only exclusive types of wood such as mahogany, walnut, smoked oak, amazakoue or macasser are used for our wooden staircases and the surface undergoes additional finishing in high gloss, wax or patina.

Gladly we consult you on your exclusive wooden stairs manufactured according to traditional craftsmanship. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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