Art Nouveau staircases by markiewicz - craftsmanship at its perfection

Art Nouveau was popular at the turn of the century from the 19th to the 20th century and shaped both art as well as architecture in Germany from 1880 to 1914. Art Nouveau is also known as Jugendstil. Even today, antiques and decorative furnishings such as staircases depicting Art Nouveau embellishments are still enjoying great popularity.

The art nouveau staircases from markiewicz are sophisticated masterpieces of craftsmanship in perfect form. Our arched staircases with hand-carved Art Nouveau railings or forged Art Nouveau ornaments have already received widespread recognition from many private investors and architectural offices in the metropolises of Berlin, Stuttgart, Warsaw and Pune (India). We look retrospectively with pride at the Art Nouveau projects that have been successfully completed and look forward to future construction projects to meet even greater artistic challenges.

Art Nouveau Architecture

Art Nouveau architecture was dominated by the materials wood, steel and glass, all of which were closely linked to the increasing industrialisation in Europe. The expressive possibilities of the staircase architecture provided by these materials were virtually unlimited. However, sandstone or wood still remained the main component in the construction of staircases, as these materials are very durable and yet plastic. The advantage of being able to shape and process the utilised materials so effortlessly was a very important aspect benefiting the elaborate decorations. The carved, curved or organic forms of many staircases as well as the flowery, forged ornaments of various stair railings still bear testimony of this today.

In Art Nouveau, the architects saw the building as a whole and demanded functionality. The underlying idea was that the façade already showed how this building was partitioned and artistically decorated from the inside. The facades were no longer supposed to be symmetrical and determined by axial divisions, but were allowed to follow a spatial concept derived from the ground plan.

But there were also great discrepancies among the Art Nouveau architects. Antoni Gaudí, for example, was very playful in his design, whereas Joseph Maria Olbrich was more of a representative of plainer architecture. In general, however, even the smallest decoration is not left to coincidence in Art Nouveau. Ultimate perfection in planning and execution were paramount for the architects of the Art Nouveau era.

Art Nouveau staircases for a royal appearance

Our Art Nouveau staircases are crafted for a truly majestic appearance. The fire crackles in the fireplace and the flames are reflected in the ornaments of the wrought iron or brass railing.

You can expect expertise in craftsmanship and the employment of exclusive materials for the bespoke models of our Art Nouveau staircases. They radiate splendour and warmth at the same time. We achieve this by processing various exotic and selected types of wood such as Sapelli, Amazakoue, Bubinga, walnut or teak. The dark shade of the noble deciduous woods majestically sets the scene for the style staircases and is framed by the Art Nouveau railing with its ducat gold patina.

The True, the Beautiful, the Sustainable

In the original: "Dem Wahren, Schönen, Guten" - Goethe called these three words without any problems in one breath and meant it that way. The aim was to achieve the true, the beautiful and the good simultaneously in order to achieve a greater quality.

Nowadays, efficiency and inexpensiveness seem to be the aspired ideal in our limitless, digitalized world. People no longer want to argue about beauty nor hope for the genuine.

But there are also architects, designers and producers who are passionately opposing this trend. New qualities are being developed that are increasingly realized through rediscovered craftsmanship. This new philosophy of the coexistence of sustainable materials and ancient art nouveau craftsmanship proves, that the idea of the classical philosophy has not diminished its appeal to this day.

The founder of the company, Karol Markiewicz, also points out that we are heading towards a desirable balance. He has examined our longing for essential values and genuine products in more detail. Because they are symbols of consistency, in which design, craftsmanship, art and culture merge into fantastic visions.

The company markiewicz also demonstrates how craftsmanship has developed in elegant staircase construction, which effects are visible and what added value traditional craftsmanship has for our designers, architects, decorators and, ultimately, for our clients.

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