Classic stairs by markiewicz - traditional stair construction in perfection

A classic design never goes out of style - and even classic staircases are en vogue again and in greater demand than ever. Architects throughout Germany are currently being tasked with reviving the past and planning buildings and staircases using traditional construction methods with established materials and implementing them using traditional techniques. Whether Hamburg, Berlin or Munich - also internationally one builds again in a traditional manner. The awareness of tradition, form and architectural quality is gaining increasing popularity among institutional and private clients.

The classic staircases made by markiewicz are exclusive bespoke designs, which are realized in traditional craftsmanship according to the customer's specifications. Decorated in many places with curved stair stringers, handrails made of exquisite materials and sophisticated decorative elements, we create staircases in classic design for our ambitious clients.

Artisan craftsmanship meets sophisticated designs

Classic staircases in the English architectural style, Art Deco, Art Nouveau or in the design of the Wilhelminian era are always as individual and remarkable as their owners and users themselves. The classical cheek constructions, are manufactured optionally from domestic or exotic kinds of wood and can be perfectly combined with elegant railings made of wood, wrought iron, brass or bronze. Whether simply straight running, coiled or curved - almost all layouts and shapes are feasible by markiewicz. Due to a meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality requirements, wonderful unique staircases are created, enriching every room.

In the planning and implementation of classic staircases, we devote all our attention to the desired architectural style, the quality of the raw materials and, above all, our customers' individual requirements and variety of ideas.

In collaboration with the leading planning offices, architects and interior designers, we design, construct and implement classic staircases worldwide. Over the past few years, beautiful wooden staircases in classic design have been created in the most prestigious homes in Berlin, London and even Pune, India.

Unparalleled handcrafted products

In contrast to our ever-changing times, the trend in exclusive and classic staircase construction today is towards sustainable, valuable and irreplaceable objects. Our exclusive handmade products are therefore more in demand than ever before. With a unique passion markiewicz produces elegant and classic staircases for eternity.

Wooden stairs from markiewicz represent passion, the joy of craftsmanship and timeless classic design. We strive to create an artistic unity that is suitable for the construction project and its inhabitants. Depending on the circumstances, we create staircases that blend perfectly into the room or serve as an essential part of the interior design.

Relaxation already begins at the consultation stage with us.

In case you would also like to have a classic staircase made by markiewicz, you will benefit from a comprehensive service, professional consultation and sophisticated staircase design in perfection. With us, relaxation already begins at the consultation stage - our competent staff will personally take care of your concerns and will be glad to assist you with technical questions at any time.

The close collaboration and communication between designer, architect, planner, construction management and the company is also indispensable for a smooth process and a perfect result in staircase construction. Our premium customized classic wooden staircases, which we will implement as part of a consortium of artists, designers and partner companies, are the result of continuous development, meticulous attention to detail and the utmost quality requirements.

Individuality is the norm for us - not only do we create classic staircases, but we also create values that will last for generations.

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