Organic staircases by markiewicz - sculptures for eternity

With our organic sculpture staircases we are collaborating with the best designer in the world - nature. Staircases created by markiewicz are designed for unforgettable moments and offer a timeless elegance for eternal values.

Organic architecture in staircase construction is a diverse architectural trend that emerged simultaneously in different places at the beginning of the 20th century. Pioneers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Antoni Gaudí and Rudolf Steiner all orientated their work in their own way along the laws of nature. They were not interested in imitating forms, but rather in the pursuit of a design that could do justice to humankind as a vital, developing being.

In contrast to our ever-changing environment, the trend in exclusive staircase construction today is towards sustainable, valuable and irreplaceable objects. Handmade products and organic staircases are therefore in greater demand than ever before.

Markiewicz produces organic sculpture stairs for eternity with unrivalled passion. We are known for exclusive and unique staircases, which we create according to your individual specifications and desires.

Organic architecture in the course of time

At the end of the 1920s, organic architecture did not seem to develop any further. Important pioneers such as Sullivan, Steiner and Gaudí died and in Europe economic recession and the Second World War caused a general decline in the construction industry.

It was not until the 1950s and 1960s that organic architecture experienced a renaissance. It was above all representatives of functionalism who were involved - they transformed the initially strictly geometric formal elements of modernism into a more expressive, organic direction.

In the 1980s and 1990s, organic architecture experienced another impressive upswing, when a new generation of architects combined Wright's and Steiner's approaches with local building traditions, new techniques and their own creative impulses, thus creating a wide variety of forms of expression.

Today, contemporary issues such as ecological building, health, user participation and cultural identity are brought into the dialogue with the fundamental principles of organic architecture. Different materials, shapes and colours as well as the use of light play an increasingly significant role.

In organic stair construction we are confronted with organic architecture and organic forms. Inspired by nature, we create organic staircases as unique pieces of art for our demanding and creative clients.

Sculptural staircases - architectural masterpieces for eternity ime

For us, stair construction also has an artistic aspect. Not only do we create staircases, we also create values. Our organic staircases combine craftsmanship, elegance and character in a unique way. It is a virtue of the art to question opinions and break down potential barriers; nothing is sacred to the mind or hands of an artist. Technical aspects are often overshadowed by visual demands or creative goals.

Today, architecture is open to new approaches, inspirations and construction methods. It is no longer categorized, but rather broadened. Markiewicz considers staircases to be an indispensable part of interior design. Some staircases are embedded as sculptures in the existing layout. Again, other staircases were particularly created to support artistic applications.

Sculpture staircases by markiewicz combine a variety of ideas, interpretations and skills. The appreciation of the technology, the construction and the inventiveness is boundless. The sculpture evolves into architecture through its use.

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