Wilhelminian style staircases by markiewicz - balanced proportions and timeless elegance

Not only do we create staircases, we also create values.

Wilhelminian style in architecture is referred to as late historicism. Starting around the foundation of the German Empire in 1871, this style continued to flourish into the 20th century alongside the Art Nouveau style that was emerging around the turn of the century.

A typical feature of the so-called Wilhelminian architecture is a three- to six-story perimeter block development with more or less richly decorated facades. Alongside apartment buildings to accommodate the rapidly growing urban population, new quarters arose with villas and palaces for the rich (upper) middle classes. These buildings also contained an elaborate interior design and precious furniture in various historical styles. The German Emperor Wilhelm II, King of Prussia, had a predilection for this ostentatious and pompous architecture. This is how the Wilhelminian style came to it's name. 

A mixture of different historical styles is typical for Wilhelminian style buildings. Throughout the past centuries, the architects have unscrupulously made use of various architectural styles, copying and combining them without any hesitation. These styles were then named Neo-Gothic, Neo-Renaissance or Neo-Baroque. At the end of the 19th century, the Wilhelminian style went out of fashion and was replaced by Art Nouveau, Neoclassicism and finally the new functionalism, brought on by the Bauhaus style.

The typical middle-class stairwells of the Wilhelminian era stand out due to their opaque paintwork on the stair railings, very decorative, often hand-carved staircases entrance posts, elaborately profiled steps and stair stringers. Characteristic for the Wilhelminian staircases are: harmonious proportions, subtle details and utmost functionality. Staircases from this style epoch are still implemented in many urban villas today and always symbolise a timeless elegance and the art of staircase construction.

We consider individuality to be the norm - not only do we create staircases in the Wilhelminian style, but we also create values that will remain in existence for generations to come.

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